Our Quality Statement


SPF management is committed to provide direct leadership and resources to ensure continued conformance with the requirements specified in this quality Manual. The primary evidence in support of SPF’s Management commitment is the responsibility of the quality control manager as the management Representative, who reports to the managing director. SPF’s policy of meeting the requirements of the customer and its importance in the present business situation is communicated to the employees. SPF’s quality objectives are clearly defined and communicated to all employees to make sure that the quality policy is achieved and continuously maintained by the organization. SPF’s quality system is subjected to regular review by the top management as defined in Section 5.6 of this quality manual. The resources required for the smooth and effective operation of the system are identified and made available from time to time. The operating procedures for sales & marketing, Purchasing, preventive & corrective maintenance, etc. are examples of ensuring the required resources in time. Customer’s requirements are determined and are met with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction. The policy of the company is that its products and services meet the requirements of its customer at all times. It is the company’s intention to become and remain the market leader with respect to the quality of its products. The company believes in the concept of customer and supplier working together and continually striving for improvements in quality and in the development of its products. All the company’s employees have a positive commitment to quality and respond quickly and effectively to achieve the performance standards required. SPF is committed to:

  • Supply high quality products to achieve complete customer’s satisfaction.
  • Ensure high quality and consistency of products through the quality system.
  • Ensure full understanding and commitment of all company employees to achieve the goals of product/process quality.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction through continual improvement and regular review of the system.

The quality policy is the concern of all employees and the principles and objectives are communicated as widely as possible. All the employees are responsible for reviewing its own systems and procedures and for revising them, in line with this policy statement. Practical assistance and training is given, where necessary, to ensure the relevant knowledge and experience in acquiring for the successful implementation of this policy.